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Event Management may be More Essential for Tourism Than you Thought

  • If you haven’t dealt with event management ever, then you might be intimidated and confused by the prospect of undertaking it. But if you think you haven’t done it before ever, think again!

    Remember Josh’s birthday party last week? The way you had to arrange for the guests and accommodate the kids, pick up the groceries, prepare the house and more? That was event management on a personal level. Nonetheless, it was event management.

    Events, Event Management and Tourism

    Events are a way to bring people together and connect them with each other. Event management can be done for parties, concerts, sporting events, meetings, guest speaker sessions, conferences and just about any other “event” imaginable.

    Tourism is a wonderful field that needs event management. Tourism relates to exploring and learning about people, cultures, foods and traditions of new places. Of course, it also involves your own experiences at the new location.

    Tourism provides an opportunity to learn while having fun. Your tourism goals may be different, too. Going on a relaxing vacation, shopping, seeing the sights, adventure and extreme sports may be some of your goals for traveling.

    Regardless of the purpose of traveling, event management will be a part of any tourism endeavor.

    The Role of Event Management in Tourism

    Events make tourism worthwhile. This is why, each year, people go on travel tours to different destinations in the world. Whether it’s a corporate trip such as a training conference or a trade show, or a vacation, event management will play an integral role in making the whole of the excursion enjoyable.

    Better events attract more tourists. Take Australia as an example. If it weren’t for the massive variety of events that garnered a huge fan base like the F1 GP, the Melbourne Cup Carnival, the uniquely diverse Adelaide Festival, the Sydney Comedy Festival, the Revelation Perth International Film Festival and many more, there would be no point of visiting.

    All these events need event management and planning and therefore, superior event planning and management lies at the heart of tourism. Sydney harbor cruises and excursions are also a prominent part of what makes Australia a beautiful country to visit.

    Similarly, there are many events all over the world including US, UK, Japan, China, South Africa that make these places worth a visit. Not only do events bolster employment, but they are crucial for the growth on an economy.

    Events Attract Tourists but They Need to Have a Good Time

    As mentioned earlier, events lie at the heart of tourism and it is the responsibility of the event managers to manage these events and make sure that they are executed without a hitch each time (especially if they are a recurring event such as a ferry cruise on a popular river).

    It is crucial that the visitors to events at any destination aren’t left disappointed. This means you have to deal with customer pain points and get timely feedback to make sure that mistakes don’t happen. Actively dealing with customer pain points is the backbone of the hospitality industry and technology makes it easier. The same goes for event management.

    You need to make sure that the visitors enjoy themselves and have minimal complaints about the event. To help you with this, event management and organization software reduces your efforts and streamlines the process of organizing the event and dealing with guest complaints.

    Customers Become Loyal to Certain Tourism Events, Why?

    The more creative your tourism is, without compromising on the quality of event management and offering customers something new every time, the higher the chances that your customers will be loyal. They will become advocates for the events, spreading nothing but praise for it.

    Word of mouth marketing through social media is no small deal. It attracts new people to the country, thus promoting tourism. A key part of that is superb event management dealing with multiple aspects.

    Giving People the Chance to Connect and Network

    Tourism and events provide an excellent opportunity to make new personal and professional connections. Take the example of an employee being sent on training abroad. They will be able to interact and share knowledge with a number of people from the same and related industry.

    That will also help future collaboration between these individuals or even between the companies. Similarly, at tradeshows and conferences, employees of different companies will be able to interact with others and with the guest speakers at the conference. This might help them with better job and growth opportunities. They’ll also be able to learn from the best in their respective fields.

    Social gatherings and events for entertainment provide the perfect opportunity for people of different cultures to interact such as at beach festivals, concerts, amusement parks, city tours, cruises and exhibitions. It’s the perfect opportunity to make new friends. It may even help the visitors find their future “significant other.”

    In order for these interactions to occur, the social events need to be planned and the event managers have to schedule the events meticulously. An online event management services and software can make things simpler for them.

    Events for a Diverse Vacation

    An integral part of a fulfilling vacation is a number of things to do. It prevents customers from becoming bored and returning home with a feeling of disappointment in their hearts.

    It’s not necessary that you spend a week-long vacation in Hawaii, for example, just lazing about in the hotel suite or sunbathing at the beach. It would be great if you could make your vacation diversewith the events taking place there. Your trip wouldn’t be complete without the Maui Whale festival, the POW! WOW! Art festival, the Ohana Slack Guitar and Ukulele concert or a visit to the Maui fresh farmers market.

    Similarly, events at other locations around the world make your visits worthwhile and enjoyable. This is all possible with the help of online event management and software for the same.

    When integrated into tourist activities, event management software and applications online become formidable tools. You can find one such tool online at Fellopages.


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