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Mistakes in Event Planning and Possible Solutions

  • Anyone who has ever planned a corporate event knows how complicated things can get. And how fast. It is by no means a quick process and takes time, creativity, intuition and quite a bit of skillful planning to make sure nothing is left out and it doesn’t go over the budget. The following article will talk about some event planning mistakes and how you can overcome them.

    1. Communication Issues

    Communication is an integral part of your events. There are a lot of problems that can happen when you don’t communicate well with your team and attendees for a corporate event. Therefore, you should communicate the details often, send text and email alerts about the venue, programs, seating and other such things with your team and the attending crowd. Your attention to them can and will make all of the difference.

    No harm will come if you need to communicate with your team and those attending the event earlier. In fact, the earlier you communicate, the better. Becoming a team player is the best thing that you can do. Make your team members feel more involved by keeping them in the loop and let them know about the important dates, events and times. Inform them of any changes at the earliest so you know that they are ready to act accordingly.

    Give respect to your attending crowd where it is due. If any speakers are attending the event, make them feel welcome. Stay in contact with the special guests and speakers. If you get to know that a certain special guest, like a speaker, will not be able to come to the event for whatever reason, communicate that with the attendees as soon as you can.

    It might be a really disappointing deal-breaker when attendees are fully motivated to meet the speaker, just to find out that that speaker or a particular guest is not coming to the event. They want to know who the guest speaker is and what topic they will be talking about and on what day and time of the event will they be present. It’s called giving the attendees their due respect.

    Speaking of due respect, you should communicate a profile of the important personalities such as speakers attending the event, through email. You should also let the attendees know, on (or before) time if their date and time has been rescheduled.

    Above all, make certain that you deliver on what you promised.

    2. Exceeding Your Budget

    Any kind of event planning process is incomplete without a budget. That being said, it may be one of the most daunting tasks to stick with the budget that you’ve been assigned. Auto suggestion time:

    Ask yourself what area will be responsible for the greatest costs. The things that might pop up are the food and drinks, the cost of renting out the venue for number of days for the event, hiring great speakers for a successful speaker session as part of the event. Of course, don’t forget travel costs, if there are speakers you are bringing in from overseas. This goes for certain guests as well as having a pick and drop transport service for your employees, if you’re considering it.

    If you’re holding the event abroad, there are a whole lot of other considerations regarding the budget. Paying for flight tickets of attendeesand coordinating with the management at the event venue for availing discounts and more, are just some examples.

    Don’t worry yourself too much. Keep that heart rate in check by doing some of the following things to cut costs without having to cut corners:

    a. Consider Officially Live Streaming the Event

    Social media is a reckoning force these days. Even more so, there are many options for you to choose from. Why not capitalize on them?

    Facebook and Instagram are just two of the social media platforms out there. Then there’s YouTube, Snapchat and other platforms that can you can opt for as well. It might drive people to attend your event if it is a trade show or guest speaker session on a popular topic in your industry.

    Apart from the people showing up to attend when they know they’ll be on your company or brand’s official Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube or Instagram channel, you will do wonders for your company’s marketing. Having your event on a public platform will make your company known when people will watch the livestream at home. They’ll be interested in your products and you might just motivate potential new hires to join your company. The possibilities are endless.

    b. Food and Beverage Considerations

    Sophisticated lunches can be hopelessly expensive, though they may offer some value. But why use a lavish luncheon where a buffet might work just the same? A buffet has distinct options to satisfy different people’s taste buds. People may also have allergies to certain ingredients in the food or beverages served during and after the event. A buffet will be able to cater to those people who have allergies by providing plentiful options to choose from. Best of all they’re considerably less expensive. Did we hear dessert for diabetics at a buffet?

    c. Guest Speakers

    Certain speakers may be well over your budget, no matter how good they are. The higher price will not always get you the quality you need. It is best to be on the lookout for new and emerging talents in the field that will wow your event attendees. There are many public speakers out there yet to be discovered so be one of the first to do so. But make sure that your event is versatile in that the attendees can socialize, network, listen to guest speaker sessions and participate in the event’s activities.

    A little Bit of Due Diligence Goes a Long Way

    Be on the lookout for last minute changes. Go back to point number one and communicate these early to your team. Make sure these are no expenses spared to get the arrangements for the events right the first time round.There may not be similar motivation from the attendees the next time round.

    Start by doing a survey of the site you are arranging your event at if it is a relatively new establishment. Do your due diligence first because if you don’t the whole event becomes a major risk to take. Communicate, communicate and then communicate some more with the stakeholders involved and you’ll feel less pressure.

    Having a track record of changes is also important to make sure everything goes as planned. For example, if you have an international venue for your event, the attendees may need to switch between flights so you may need to accommodate some extra seats. Have them booked and ready!

    If you would like to enjoy superior scheduling, don’t forget to visit the Fellopages event management platform.


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