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Facts About Integrating Online Events Management with Social Media

  • Nowadays, social media networks play an important role in any event. It provides a perfect platform for prospective attendees to learn what they can get from attending an event. However, not all social networks have the tool to manage and organize your event. So, you’ll need the help of an event planner to suffice your event needs.

    But, do you know an online events management system can help you organize and promote an event? What’s more, this online tool can also help you integrate it to social media to reach a wider audience.

    So, read on through this blog and learn how this online management channel can help advertise your events on different social media platforms.

    Taking Advantage of Social Media through Online Events Management

    Creating an event that would take you to an idea to sell out is an easy feat. It takes a lot of planning, brainstorming, and the right people to sort out what’s really best for your event.

    Once an event is created, the next step would be how to promote it to reach out more potential attendees. And, while it is true that social media can help you create an event. But, there’s a huge possibility that you are not getting the right audience because it doesn’t have an event management feature.

    Now, how about utilizing an event management platform and integrating it with social media? This platform can help you organize and promote your event as well as sell event tickets online. At the same time, embedding this event to your different social media accounts.

    So, allow us to share some of our expertise on how you can make use of an event management tool and social media in one.


    Your Guide In Using Event Management And Social Media For Events

    How often do you use social media for your events? Have you ever wondered why you only get few responses from this online community?

    Here is your basic guide on how you can take advantage of social media using your event management tool.


    Reveal Your Special Guest Or Event Speaker Creatively

    If your goal is to drive more ticket sales, social media platforms are the best way to find more attendees.

    So, before the event, it would be ideal to reveal your event speaker or special guest; but, this time, in a creative way. Most active social media users may find it interesting if you would post teaser videos or images. It can create or increase an excitement.


    Post Often About Early Bird Attendees

    One of the most effective ways to promote your event is through confirmed attendees. But, this one might be tricky.

    If you have early bird registered attendees, you can simply ask a favor from them to help you promote your event. And this is by posting a status on their respective social media accounts. Surely, this one way to convince their family and friends to attend the event as well.


    Share Behind-The-Scene Pics Of The Event

    Active users can be very much delighted if they always see event updates. This only means that your event is not just a typical affair. It also shows that you, as an event host, have the attitude to reach them out.


    Manage Your Events Online Today And Use Social Media

    Online events management can definitely help you streamline the process of event planning. The only challenging part is how you can promote and sell out more event tickets online. But, collaborating your event management tool to social media is a great option.

    Start creating an event today and integrate it into social networks for wider engagement.



    Event Marketing 101: How to Keep Attendees Engaged Before, During and After Your Event,


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