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Easy Guide to Events Management 2019: Tech, Trends and Tips

  • Easy Guide to Events Management 2019: Tech, Trends and Tips

    Events have evolved from simple community and corporate gathering to an effective marketing tool. Many organizations and companies are making use of online events to increase brand awareness and generate ROI while improving public relations.

    With the proven effectiveness of events for better brand reputation, several trends have sprouted for 2019. These trends have also addressed key challenges for event planners such as tight budget and maximizing ROI. Many event planners are seeing increased budgets and investments for events.


    Why Use An Online Events Management Software

    When it comes to events promotions, word of mouth has become a compelling factor for increasing event attendees. But, it is still important to utilize Search Engine Optimization strategy for online visibility. Additionally, event technology will continue to grow this 2019. Overall, the demand for a smoother registration process and efficient technology use will also increase.

    If you want to spruce up your events management and planning this year, then this guide is your best bet on how you can effectively organize events.


    Trends in 2019 Event Planners Should Watch Out

    Since events have become more advantageous for many businesses, it is now a challenge for professionals to ensure that their events are planned with a purpose in mind. The event flow and elements should connive with the theme and message that a company wants to portray to its attendees.


    Now, here is a list of some of the events management trends in 2019:

    Eco-friendly and Destination Sustainability

    With a strong, global push for environmental awareness, people are more keen and participative in eco-friendly activities. Event planners should look for environmentally-focused partner venues. Places that are Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certified and with robust waste management system are ideal choices to have an environmentally-friendly event.


    Promoting Fun and Interactive Events Destination

    If you will have a boring program and venue, then you will definitely lose a lot of potential attendees in your next event. More people are looking into the essence and immersion in the event. So, why not incorporate multi-functional décor pieces in your venue? That way, you can have your attendees engaged in the activity while making it into a fun and memorable event.


    Storytelling sponsorship

    Sponsors are crucial in making your event possible. But, it is equally important that guests will not feel overwhelmed. Event planners should coordinate with the sponsors so that they can connive with the event’s flow and theme. It helps create a story that is unique only to your event.


    Micro-influencers over Celebrities

    Many people are now looking for authenticity whenever brands would market their products. Micro-influencers are event planners’ best choice due to their niche audience. It is more efficient and cost-effective to work with hyper-targeted influencers since event marketers can combine the authenticity and active engagement needed for a successful event.

    Drip Marketing

    2019 is the perfect time for planners to utilize more savvy marketing strategy. People have tuned out sales information and marketing messages that don’t match their interests. Using drip marketing means finding the right audience and gradually build relationship and trust. Show your potential attendees how your brand can add value in their lives.

    Event Technology Trends Most Event Planners Miss out

    Audiences are now looking for the elements of interactivity and authenticity in an event. That is why events technology is crucial in making an events planner’s job easy. These allow professionals to add a unique element to their events while integrating active audience participation.


    How Technology Changes the Events Experience

    Start-up companies and IT experts have developed technologies as solutions to meet the changing needs and expectations for organizing events. And, these apps have changed key areas of events organizing.

    One of the key areas that changed is the ticketing system. Since most people are now on mobile phones, events that offer online ticket sales on mobile apps can tap into a large pool of audience. At the same time, event organizers can easily track sales. Marketers can even use it as a platform to gather relevant information from potential clients.

    Still, there are many event planners who are not too adamant in using event technologies. The main reason is that these technologies are too expensive. But, event planners who are well-informed about different technology trends will have a great head start in this industry. They understand the right technology to invest in for a cost-efficient and streamlined planning.

    Here are the top 3 event technology trends that will help optimize your strategy:


    Online Event Registration

    Online registration is the most popular event planner software. Mostly, events professionals are using software and application that offers efficient event registration. With automated registration, it saves the organizers’ time and ensures data accuracy.


    Event Management System

    All-in-one project management online tools are readily available for event organizers. These online platforms offer registration, sales, marketing, communications and scheduling in one system. Organizers who utilize this system can easily keep track of management tasks for streamlined workflow.


    Marketing Tools

    Another essential event software technology is marketing tools. One effective marketing tool is using social media to reach a wide audience. It is a straightforward method to promote upcoming events.


    Integrate Events Technology for Efficient Events Management

    Incorporating event technologies in the workflow is a straightforward process. Simply because it is designed to save time from figuring out complex navigation to a hassle-free application.

    Apart from this, event attendees are also looking for easier ticket purchasing and convenient registration. That’s why these platforms play a vital role in order to meet the audience’s expectations whenever they visit an event.

    But, choosing a web-based events software requires careful decision-making. The primary question to ask is if a specific platform or software adds value to you and your attendees. Then, map out your event flow and see which points do you think you can add a specific events application. And once you have decided on which software to choose, you can check for video demos to see how well it connives with your event plans.

    Remember to set up metrics to measure the effectiveness of technology in your events planning. This helps you see if a specific platform met the efficiency requirement and maximized ROI in your event.

    Key Areas to Incorporate Events Tech

    When choosing an event planning software, always consider that it should be user-friendly and easy to implement. This saves time from learning the ins and outs of the platform and training events staff members.

    Now, to effectively use event technology, it should be applied to event processes with the highest return on investment.  Here are the areas that require the utilization of technology platforms:


    Ticket Sales

    Having long queues is definitely a pain point for many organizers. Slow registration or complicated ticket buying system will ward off potential attendees. This results to lower ROI and attendance. Event planners can prevent this by using techs that can provide quick and safe ticket selling process.


    Addressing Attendee’s Inquiries

    Most likely, organizers and staff will be pre-occupied with various tasks especially during the event proper. Do note that attendees will not see it as an excuse to ignore their inquiries. But, simple questions such as the agenda and venue location can be addressed by using AI chatbots. It can provide an excellent user-experience and ensures repeat attendees to your succeeding events.



    Focusing on marketing is also essential to boost your event’s online presence. An excellent marketing technology or platform can help increase ticket sales and even expand your reach. It ensures that your event will have a high attendance rating and promote an excellent brand reputation.


    Start Your Online Events with Fellopages Today

    Organizing an event, whether you are a professional or not, is challenging. With so many tasks to attend to, planners would need the aid of event technology platforms. This helps them streamline the work process and automate simple tasks. That way, organizers can address other focus areas for a streamlined event flow.

    So, why not consider creating your event at Fellopages? It is a cost-efficient event management system that is mobile app ready with a user-friendly interface. You can manage your event dashboard on-the-go and even connect with community members.

    Sign up to Fellopages today and experience a streamlined event management processes. No IT skills required and free means free!

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