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What Event Planners Need to Know About Large Scale Corporate Event

  • What Event Planners Need to Know About Large Scale Corporate Event

    Every company executive knows that a satisfied workforce can improve the company’s productivity. In fact, studies show that an estimated 87% of workers are less likely to leave if there is an engaging work environment [Forbes]. That is why many corporate leaders seek to motivate the workforce through fun, company-wide events.

    Year-End Parties, Thanksgiving Celebrations, and Pre-Holiday Company Gatherings are just a few examples of corporate get-togethers which can improve employee morale. It also provides company leaders with the opportunity to award talented employees and get to know more about their teams. As a result, it can help build a more focused workforce and promote creativity in exceptional individuals.

    So, it comes to no surprise that corporate executives would want to provide the best recreational event to reward their workers. But, did you ever wonder about the amount of work needed to pull off a successful company event?

    More than proper logistics management, event management officials need to have an eye for detail and be prepared for every situation. Accordingly, corporate executives must also appoint individuals with the skillset and passion needed to organize such an important occasion.

    For a novice event planner, however, this task can be overwhelming without a proper guide. So, read more on the article below to learn all you need to know about planning a corporate event.

    Corporate vs. Casual Events

    Not all large scale occasions are the same. Family Gatherings, Alumni Reunions and similar are casual events which do not require an extensive amount of planning. A small team made up of well-rounded individuals can plan, set up, and execute these kinds of meetings with few issues.

    But, corporate events, on the other hand, requires attention to detail and the ability to prepare for any issues. Here are a few beginner’s tips to help company event planners during the initial stages.


    Understand the Scope of the Party

    Your priority should be getting an estimate on how many guests are expected to come at the event. Having a precise number allow you to determine the size of the venue and the amount of food to feed the attendees.


    Keep the Decorations on Theme

    Many company parties have a pre-determined theme which can best represent the entity. Thus, it would be wise to decorate the venue in accordance with the theme and the company’s mission and vision.


    Find People You Can Trust

    Despite having the skills to handle important occasions, there’s only so much an individual can do. So, make sure that you have a well-rounded support group who can take care of the details when your hands full.

    People You Need in Your Team

    Behind every large scale corporate event is a team of dedicated individuals. Each member is crucial in ensuring the party’s success. But, as a rookie event planner, you might not have a team on hand. So, here’s a brief guide to help you choose the right people for the job.



    Formal events, like company parties, can be a bit dull. Tensions can be a common occurrence, especially when near corporate executives. But, an effective host can help clear the air and improve the atmosphere. They can elevate the mood and help keep the conversation rolling.

    So, choose the person who can think on their feet, follow the program, and make engaging comments.


    Food and Beverage Official

    Food and drinks are the lifeblood of a party. But, the items on the menu should be precise and all-encompassing [All Business]. Some guests can’t eat specific food items due to allergies or religious practices.

    Moreover, attendees can opt to prefer certain dishes over others during the course of the event. That is why the person in charge of the menu selection should gather as much information as possible about the guests and their preference. He or she needs to have the right problem-solving skills and adapt to unexpected circumstances.


    Equipment Overseer

    Expensive audio and computer equipment require maintenance and proper handling during events. So, it’s up to the equipment overseer to make sure that each valuable component is in working order before, during, and after the occasion.

    The perfect person for this job is someone who is familiar with the hardware’s technical aspect and who is also meticulous with its handling.

    Besides these three, you may also need a medical professional, and a logistics officer to keep everything in check. Having the right people fill these roles will guarantee you corporate party’s success.


    Equipment, Venue, and Logistics

    A corporate party will not be complete without music, proper seating, and audio-visual equipment. So, carefully consider these factors and should be at the top of your priority list.



    After getting a list of possible attendees along with the event’s theme, you can now estimate the kind of venue to accommodate guests, food and equipment. But, be careful, some areas may look appealing at first glance but lack the necessary facilities to handle the expected number of attendees.

    Check out space’s restrooms, wash area, and parking space (if any) to see if there are undesirable features within the location. In addition, most corporate party expenses don’t cover the employee’s transportation fee. So, make sure to pick a spot that’s easy to commute to.

    When you do find a suitable place, reserve it at least a month in advance to guarantee the best prices.


    Seating, Food, and Other Logistics

    Despite having a full list of confirmed guests, unexpected attendees, like the executive’s family members, may be coming to the party. So, prepare extra seats, food, utensils, toiletries, and medicine beforehand.


    Audio-Visual Gear

    High-quality audio, along with stunning visuals and a lively host, will keep your audience interested in participating in the event’s games. Furthermore, it will help break the ice if the employees and the executives need to come together and complete their challenges.

    Ensuring these three key aspects are taken cared of will almost guarantee a successful corporate event. But, just like any other preparations, things that can go wrong will go wrong. That’s why it’s best to have a contingency plan when the unexpected happens to avoid costly mistakes.


    Mistakes You Should Avoid

    No matter how well equipped you are, issues will arise and ruin your program’s flow. And, sometimes, compensating too much to fix these problems can cause you to go over the budget. Here are a few common mistakes that event planners must avoid when things go wrong.


    Handling Everything Yourself

    When the burden of responsibility falls upon your shoulders, it can be difficult not to take a first-hand approach to everything. This, unfortunately, will cause you to ignore critical aspects of the event.

    Trust your team to handle the issues that arise within their jurisdiction and so that you can focus on your task at hand.


    Expecting to Follow the Program

    Unexpected issues will almost always come up in large events. Everything from delayed food, ice breakers, and guest appearances can extend the program’s time.

    This, however, will incur additional costs. And, you may not have the finances needed to cover the expenses.  So, keep this in mind when allocating the budget for the venue.


    Lack of Communication

    With all the glitz and glamour, you cannot accurately track every flaw happening on the floor. But, frequent communication with your team will allow you to see the greater picture and can help you make sound decisions.



    Organising a large corporate event is no easy task. It takes skill and a team of dedicated individuals to successfully pull it off. But, unforeseeable problems are also common in these types of occasions. Moreover, these issues are almost impossible to track without the use of an effective event planning tool.

    Fortunately, there is a helpful online event management app, like Fellopages, to ease up your event-related tasks. It’s an easy to use platform that you can use to communicate with your team.

     Apart from this, team members can note real-time changes to keep you updated with what’s happening. You may then, direct them to take the appropriate course of action.

    So, if you want to use an event management platform you can rely on, then sign up to Fellopages today. Registration is FREE.


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