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How Event Management Mobile Apps Shape the Events Industry

    • 88% of event professionals are using an event app and get a positive impact from their event attendees.
    • 86% of event attendees rated event apps as one of their top aspects that made their time at the event more enjoyable. Source:


    Statistics show that people, nowadays, are already using event technology to get the information they need before attending an event. As for event professionals, such kind of innovation enables them to foresee whether or not an event is a success.

    That is why the majority of the event planners utilise these types of technology to increase attendee engagement, collect valuable data and provide attendees with enjoyable user experience.

    So, what every event professional do is finding a mobile event management app that offers the best benefits both for them and for their attendees. Now, what features an event app should have? Find out more on this blog and learn how mobile event apps are shaping the events industry.



    3 Must-Have Features of a Mobile Event App

    One of the most amazing features of an event app is taking advantage of its native functionality. This enables the users to personalise their connections and allows them to directly sync-in their social media profile. At the same time, it allows them to connect with relevant social media profiles and community online.

    In today’s digital world, enjoying the advantage of using event apps is just the tip of an iceberg. As a matter of fact, it continues to evolve and develop new interesting use cases to level up the user’s experience.

    Whether you are a diligent event professional or an enthusiastic event attendee, check out the must-have features you need to look for a mobile event app.


    Increasing Value of Sponsorship Packages

    Generally, event apps are seen as effective solutions for improving attendees’ event experience. But for some companies, they don’t have much idea that this also provides greater opportunities to generate more ticket sales.

    Basically, an event app can have mobile payment solutions for ticket purchases, prior to the event. But, it can also be used to target sponsors or exhibitors to attendees via messaging. So, it can help increase the value of sponsorship packages and perhaps, gain more revenues from the event.


    Enhanced Networking

    Mobile event apps are also a great tool to stimulate attendees to build, expand and communicate better with their networks. Say, attendees can send a message to other attendees to arrange a talk during the event. Or, having an in-app activity stream or timelines where popular comments and trending sessions are posted, including shared videos and podcasts.



    Of course, we all know how fun, addictive and absorbing gaming be. From a typical role-playing video game to the most nerve-racking online game, any individual grew up having a favourite game in their mind.

    This only means that an event app with gamification elements can drive behavioural outcomes in your audience. By simply creating an array of activities on the app, such as poll surveys or guessing game, definitely, it can boost engagements and entertainment to a new level.



    The Benefits of Using Mobile Event Apps

    Look around you. Most of the people you see are using a smartphone. You might not know, these people are also using mobile apps. So, it is safe to say that some of them are running mobile apps for an event.

    Why is that so? Let us give you a quick rundown to some of the major benefits of mobile event apps.


    Simplified Registration and Ticketing Process

    Using an event app, the entire registration and ticketing process is fully automated and simplified. An event attendee doesn’t have to go out of their comfort zone just to register and book a ticket on a specified venue. So, it provides more convenience to the users; likewise, it enables the event host or planner to gather data before the event.


    One Event App for Multiple Events

    Fortunately, an event application can create and manage multiple events at the same time. For a busy event planner, this is the most efficient tool for you. With just a tip of your fingertips on your mobile phone, you can easily track and determine which part of the event needs you the most.


    Event Analytics

    This is one of the best benefits of mobile apps for events. It allows an event organiser to monitor every aspect of the event through a detailed analytic report from the app. With this, an event planner can attract more sponsors when necessary and know the number of attendees registered. Apart from that, this report may also serve as an event planner’s guide for the next event.



    What Makes an Event Mobile App Useful

    Technically, event applications can be divided into categories depending on your preferred outcomes. So, the more you know who your attendees are, what they enjoy and what they did not like, the easier it is to plan an event in the future.


    Thus, event apps can help you in the following areas:



    If there’s one thing is for sure, engagement is the key for every successful event. If your event doesn’t have much engagement, then you must check out what seems to be missing.

    Bear in mind that people nowadays are used to experience technologies that enable them to have what they want and when they want it. From trending topics in social media to the latest cheap airfares, event apps can now plan their own event experience.


    But, having the right event app can drive a successful engagement. Attendees will now have all the information they need for an event and that their time is managed more efficiently. And, this is even more effective such as providing notifications about changes in venue or time of the event.



    One of the main objectives of why a lot of people attends an event is to build and expand their network. For whatever reasons it may be, an event is the best place to interact with different people. That is also the reason why event applications play a vital role in planning and managing events.

    Regardless, it is a real-time activity in presentations or helping attendees to the network each other, using an event app can also build a solid interaction and improve overall event experience, too.



    Some event apps enable the planner to research attendees’ behaviour in a particular engagement of an event. Other apps simplify the process of collecting feedback from the attendees, which allows the event planner to make way for improvement on the next event.

    This only means that through the use of event apps, an event organiser can now identify which part of the event is the most engaging. By gathering such kind data, it helps you when to communicate better with your audience.



    Choosing the Right Event Mobile App for Your Event

    In our previous blog post, we already provided some useful tips in finding the right event management software for your event. So, this time we will give you some key considerations in choosing an event app using your mobile phones.


    Tip #1: Identify the features you actually need 

    How easy it is to sign up for registration? How quick it is to create an event? As wonderful as mobile event apps for the users, it should be equally as helpful for the planners, too. So, if you are looking for a perfect app for events, identify the features you actually need to make your life easier.


    Tip #2: Consider your budget

    While it is true that there are a lot of mobile event apps out there, almost all of it has limited features. So, the best thing you can do is look for mobile apps that offer free service packages. This will help you decide whether or not their platform is easy to use and fits your needs. 


    Tip #3: Look for Apps with Compatibility and UX benefits

    Wouldn’t be nice if you get to experience a mobile app that is intuitive and stable to use? Simply look for a native app that is compatible with your smartphone to prevent poor user experience (UX). Therefore, look for apps that are user-friendly with no IT skills required.


    Create an Incredible Event Experience with Fellopages Today

    Apparently, mobile phones have become as ubiquitous as wristwatches were. More people are building connections across the globe, all thanks to the new smartphone technology. As for the events industry, taking advantage of mobile applications is a great way to shape a better future for events.

    So, start creating a wonderful event experience today and sign up for Fellopages. Registration is free. Contact us for more info.



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