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    Yihui Cap Screw High-end Precision

    The Cap Screw design has high end precision and is widely used for fastening purposes. The main use of this product is for bolting and anchoring applications that anchor the connection between two objects.
    led by ab yihui

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    The Role Of Elevator Lift Accessories

    Elevators are the transportation tools that we often use in daily life. Once the Elevator Lift have problems in operation, they will cause great inconvenience to passengers and affect people's daily lives.
    led by otse alex

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    What Are The Advantages Of Small Indoor Elevators?

    With the improvement of people's economic living standards, many people have lived in villas, stimulating the market development of small indoor elevators and villa elevators. Next, the otse elevator will introduce you to the advantages of مصعد داخلي صغير
    led by odson don

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    China has become one of the fastest growing aquarium countries

    The acrylic glass underwater tunnel in the aquarium is the "magic world" in the hearts of children. However, the homogenization phenomenon including the repeated construction of the aquarium tunnel has become a proposition that the industry is rethinking.
    led by mi le

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    Reborn Doll

    This is excellent for the community as it means there are many, many distinct techniques to acquire precisely the same results. That way you'll establish a routine and everyone will lead to the frequent good. You're reaching out to others, but don't...  more
    led by james jack

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    Radiation Standard Of X-ray Orientation Analyzer

    The X-ray Orientation Analyzer will release x-ray rays. For the human body, if excessive absorption of x-ray will cause harm to the human body, how is the X-ray orientation analyzer designed for radiation protection?
    led by tongda edith

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    New type of high chromium white cast iron is more wear resistant

    High chromium cast iron is the abbreviation of high chromium white anti-wear cast iron, which is a kind of anti-wear material with excellent performance and has received special attention.
    led by wearresistant William

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    Suggestions For The Use Of Cap Screws

    Several initiatives in the application of cap screws:

    1. A uniform size device hole is required for each Cap Screw.

    2. The requirement is to ensure that the bottom end (or guide slot) of the cap screw is in the device aperture prior to application of...  more
    led by ab yihui

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    Elevator Lift To Ensure Safety

    Household small elevators and urbanization are advancing, and new neighbors are rising in the city, and household facilities must be lifted. Thousands of elevator accidents in the city every day are not only scary, but directly cause great suffering to...  more
    led by otse alex

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    Planning Of Small Indoor Elevators

    According to China's current level of economic development, basically rich people still occupy a large part of the building. Many people will choose elevators in their own buildings, but we need to introduce some basic information. When choosing...  more
    led by odson don