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    How To Solve The Emergency Pet Preform Mould Project

    Jilian Plastic Mold is the fastest manufacturer of injection Pet Preforms moulds in China. We are the short-time delivery mold manufacturer in China.

    In production, we will speed up and prioritize our customers' emergency projects and emergency...  more
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    Pet Preform Mould Customization Should Pay Attention To What

    Designing and manufacturing custom injection molded Pet Preform Mould is a fairly complex process. Although this effort has some fairly obvious components, there are some less obvious aspects that need to be considered and refined. Let's take a look at...  more
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    Pet Preform Mould To Know Things

    The manufactured plastic parts are relatively modern compared to other materials. As early as 1907, Leo Baekeland was known for making the first synthetic plastics with molecules that were not found in nature. Because modern plastics only exist for about...  more
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    How To Solve The Hidden Problem Of Pet Blowing Machine

    The pet blowing machine is a kind of mechanical, electronic control, hydraulic integrated crystallization, electrical complexity, oil pipeline crossing the building, various fault phenomena are controllers, all kinds of strange things, different. Large...  more
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    How To Form A Pet Preform Mould

    Beyond its design, exactly how your Pet Preform Mould is shaped has the greatest impact on its cost and performance. Great ideas can lead to wrong directions. Therefore, it is prudent to consider your options early in the design process. How do you know...  more
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    Pet Blowing Machine Automation Is Getting Higher And Higher

    1. Equipment: With the continuous advancement of technology and the expansion of production scale, the degree of automation of pet blowing machine is getting higher and higher, and the production efficiency is getting higher and higher. Equipment...  more
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    Pet Bottle Preform Manufacturing To Maintain Pressure

    The function of maintaining pressure during the production of Pet Bottle Preform .

    The pressure is that when the melt cools or cures shrinkage, the pressure is maintained and the melt continues to be injected to fill the space of shrinkage, reducing or...  more
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    Jilian Mold Model Pet Blowing Machine Leading Supplier

    The term "flash" in extrusion blow molding refers to excess plastic material that remains on the new container body after the Pet Bottle Preform is formed. Although flash is a by-product of the extrusion blow molding process, it can have a negative...  more
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    Pet Bottle Preform Blow Molding Problem Solving

    In the PET bottle blowing industry, a good Pet Bottle Preform is usually determined by many factors. For example: the nature of the material, the structure of the bottle embryo, the embryo injection process, the blow mold, the bottle blow molding...  more
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    Jilian Mold Pet Bottle Preform Product Solution

    Manufacturers of products familiar with blow molding processes understand the many benefits and applications of pet blowing machine. But for those who don't know how to make the most of the blow molding process or use these methods, the following...  more
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