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    Sliding Lock-Durable Product

    Sliding Lock-Durable Product
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    Precautions For Purchasing Rapid Splitter

    Chipper Shredder is widely used mainly in the mining machinery industry, and there are many types of this product. We all know that only by choosing the right machine can we greatly improve work efficiency and obtain economic returns. So what should we...  more
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    Sheet Metal Parts Use And Operation Instructions

    Uses: Optical Fiber Cable Distribution Box scientific name is optical cable connection box, also known as optical cable connection package, metal joint box, optical cable junction box and artillery type joint box. Mainly applicable to overhead straight...  more
    led by xing hui

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    ANSI B18.2.1 Bolt Alkali Burn

    Surface residue:
    White residues on the high-strength Track Bolt were analyzed with an infrared spectrometer and confirmed to be phosphides. No acid detergent was used for cleaning, and the rinsing tank was inspected and found that the bath had a high...  more
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    High Utilization Rate Of Basic Copper Chloride

    Foliar spraying: Basic Copper Chloride can be quickly dissolved in water, and the foliar spraying effect is better. The appropriate concentration on various crops is 800-2000 times, following the principle of diligence and thin application.
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    Resolve The Rust Problem Of The Chipper Shredder

    We know that after using the Rapid Splitter for a long time, various problems will inevitably occur. Most of the problems start to expand from the inside to the outside, such as the rust of threaded parts. The threaded part is an important part of the...  more
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    Processing Process Of Optical Fiber Cable Distribution Box

    Sheet Metal Parts processing plants are similar in operation to other processing industries, but the technology and process used in the processing process are different, so the following editor will introduce you the production process of sheet metal...  more
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    Recommended Anti-loosening Measures For Bolt Factory

    Use high-strength bolt connections to ensure construction pre-tightening torque. When using class 8.8 bolts, spring washers are generally not allowed to prevent loosening. If class 10.9 bolts are used, spring washers must never be used to prevent...  more
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    Quality Standard Of High Power 200w Outdoor Slim Led Floodlight

    With the improvement of people's lives, many people have improved their quality of life. Of course, the high power 200w outdoor slim led floodlight has also been improved. Streetlight manufacturers have very strict standards for high power 200w outdoor...  more
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    What Are The Effects Of Basic Copper Chloride

    Basic Copper Chloride is a chemical product widely used in the production of pigments and wood preservatives. So what are the effects of basic copper chloride?
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